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YachtMoney is the stock market platform that breaks the pattern of emotional trading.

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The 3 Keys to a Successful Trade

Yachtmoney is the combined result of the blood, sweat, and tears shed by numerous market traders as they learned the complexities of maximizing their investments in the stock market. After millions of dollars gained (and lossed), our goal is to share what we have learned with new traders and seasoned investors alike.


Having a strategy is an important key in investing. We show our users how to best use a combination of dynamic spreads and technical analysis in making investments. Our traders also employ sheer gut instinct and gained knowledge of specific trends and corporate personalities to build unbiased strategies. Our methods are proven to have an excellent optimal upside.


Worried about actually making the trade? Yachtmoney’s automated execution tools remove the chance for human error when making position adjustments. We also educate our users on how to avoid emotional errors in trading, which can impact even the most educated trader to a disadvantage.


The world of trading can be a roller coaster. If a trader sees their stock tanking, the inclination is to sell and get out. At Yachtmoney we have found that consistency is key to successful trading – no exceptions. Our tools we share will help to keep traders steady in their number of trades and position sizing as the market fluctuates from week to week.

“I've always wanted to get involved in the stock market, but never knew how. The YachtMoney Bootcamp taught me how to execute my passive trades in a simple and effective way.”

Sarah LittletonStudent, Beginner Trader

“I was always fascinated by the stock market, but didn't want to risk my hard earned cash to learn how to trade. Yachtmoney walked me through the learning process without risking a dime. Now I am confidently making successful trades alongside the Yachtmoney team!”

John CrandallComputer Security Expert, Beginner Trader

“As an veteran trader I found much of this information extremely helpful with my existing strategies. It allowed me to increase my gains each earnings season.”

Chris GowerAccountant, Veteran Trader

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